About Jamal Nazrul Islam National Conference 2022

Professor Jamal Nazrul Islam was a genius who accrued knowledge and research experiences from many reputed institutions of the world, such as the Trinity College, University of Cambridge, California Institute of Technology, University of Washington and Cardiff University. He also served as a faculty member of Applied Mathematics at King’s College London. The research fields of Bangladesh brightened with possibili­ties when Professor J N Islam decided to move back to Bangladesh instead of ensconcing himself with a handsome salary provided by institutions abroad. He joined the University of Chittagong as a faculty member in 1984. The 1st Jamal Nazrul Islam National Conference, 2022 (JNINC 2022) for Young Researchers is dedicated to the spirit of a legendary mathematical physicist, cosmologist and former professor of the University of Chittagong, Dr Jamal Nazrul Islam. This conference is a collaborative initiative of Jamal Nazrul Islam Research for Mathematical and Physical Science, University of Chittagong and Chittagong University Research and Higher Study Society (CURHS). The conference is aimed at introducing the state of the art and science of research to the next generation of academ­ic leaders and is intended to welcome new research findings, scholarly articles and critical essays.

Jamal Nazrul Islam Research Centre for Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Professor Jamal Nazrul Islam left Cambridge in 1986 when he was famous among the world-leading scientists, returned to Bangladesh and dedicated his later life to the upliftment of research capabilities of Bangladeshi students by establishing a Research Centre at the University of Chittagong. This Research Centre is working to discover various myster­ies in physics, mathematics and the universe.


Chittagong University Research and Higher Study Society (CURHS), a non-profit student organization at the University of Chittagong, is aimed to create a significant difference at Chittagong University in terms of research and higher education. From its inception in 2019, the CURHS has worked tirelessly to bring students, scholars, institutions, and collaborators together on a platform in order to achieve a brighter tomorrow for all.